Skill Gaming FAQ

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The following is our understanding of the most Frequently Asked Questions about Linden Lab’s new Skill Gaming policy, and their answers. For a definitive answer, please file a Support Case with Linden Lab. Also you can contact SL’s technical department at 1-800-294-1067 for US/Canada.

This contains information from many different sources and should not be construed as legal advice. Linden Lab is the sole source of official information, this is just an unofficial guide to be helpful.

Staring September 1, 2014, every Creator (game maker) and every Operator (skill gaming location) needs to be licensed to continue operation. STUDIO 777’s application is moving along smoothly. Also, every skill gaming location must be located on a Skill Gaming Region. STUDIO 777 is now located on a Skill Gaming Region. JOBSTAR™, Second Life®’s Original Job Agency, is also located on our Skill Gaming Region.

Additionally, all Second Life residents will need to meet certain requirements in order to enter any Skill Gaming Region:

1) You’ll need to have verified payment information on file (credit card or PayPal)

2) Be over 19 years old, and

3) Reside in/access Second Life from states and countries that allow Skill Gaming. Linden Lab has determined that residents of the following states may not participate in Skill Gaming in Second Life: Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, South Carolina and South Dakota.

This list may change, and can be found at:

If you live near a border of a banned state:
If you do not live in a banned state but live near one, check your IP address at and then click on More IP Information. This will show you two IP addresses & if you are possibly affected due to where your service provider has their IP registered (housed) at.


If you’re not able to access STUDIO 777 after we become a Skill Gaming Region, try this first: Log out of Second Life. Go to your Second Life dashboard on the website and delete your payment information, then re add it. Then log back into Second Life and it should be fixed. We’ve seen that work immediately and we’ve seen it take 24 hours. If you still can’t enter, you’ll need to file a support ticket with Linden (under Help on your account dashboard). We have no control over the rules or how this works, it’s all Linden Lab, we have no access to your account or billing information.

If you think you’ve satisfied all of the above requirements, and still can’t get in, here are some things to try:

  • Find the region on the Map and teleport there directly, instead of using a landmark
  • Try teleporting to a nearby region and walking in
  • Try accessing SL using a different Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • Try changing to a different DNS server, such as the Free Public Google DNS


You’ll find them at:
Operators and Banned States:

STUDIO 777 ist jetzt ein offizieller Skill Gaming – Region!

Siehe Linden Lab FAQ auf der neuen Skill Gaming- Politik

Für Hilfe und Informationen, wie Sie bei STUDIO 777 zu spielen, finden Sie in unserem FAQ bei

Um bei 777 spielen oder einen Skill Gaming- Region in Second Life , Linden Lab erfordert jetzt, dass Sie
1) Haben Zahlungsinformationen auf Datei überprüf bei (Anmeldung erforderlich , Kreditkarte oder PayPal),

2) Sei über 19 Jahre alt, und 3) Reside in/Befinden sich in oder Zugang SL von Orten, die Skill Gaming zu ermöglichen. Liste von US-Staaten , die nicht erlaubt sind, können Sie unter : (Alle internationalen Länder sind erlaubt).

Informationen zu Linden ‘ s neue Skill Gaming Politik, die begann 1. September 2014 :

schnell Hinweis : Sie haben Zahlungsinformationen auf Datei immer noch nicht STUDIO 777, Melden Sie sich von ersten SL , dann auf Ihre Zahlungsinformationen gehen auf (login required), ENTFERNEN Sie Ihre Zahlungsinformationen , und dann ERNEUT HINZUFüGEN. Das funktioniert für die meisten fast sofort.

STUDIO 777 agora está oficialmente na Região de Jogos de Habilidade do SL (Skill Gaming Region)!

Veja a sessão de Perguntas Frequentes (FAQ) da Linden Lab na página de Regras dos Jogos de Habilidades:

Para informações ou ajuda de como jogar no STUDIO 777, visite nossa página de Perguntas Frequentes:

Para jogar no 777 ou em qualquer outra Região de Jogos de Habilidade no Second Life, a Linden Lab exige que você:
1) tenha Informação de Pagamento em sua conta, veja em: (é necessário fazer login e ter cartão de crédito ou conta PayPal);
2) seja maior que 19 anos;
3) more ou acesse o SL onde os Jogos de Habilidades são permitidos (Regra apenas para residentes nos EUA. Residentes de todos os outros países são permitidos. Para ver a lista de estados dos EUA não permitidos acesse:

Para informações sobre as novas Regras dos Jogos de Habilidades aplicada pela Linden Lab em 1 de Setembro de 2014, acesse:

Dica: Se você já tem Informação de Pagamento em sua conta mas ainda não consegue visitar o 777, primeiramente deslogue do SL e depois acesse o item Dados de Pagamento em (é necessário fazer login), REMOVA sua Informação de Pagamento e adicione-a novamente. Isso normalmente funciona imediatamente para todos.

Our thanks to Ocean View Gamers and Across The Grid With Lindal Kidd for some of the information posted above.


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