What happens when you combine a high energy dance club with a skill based gaming resort? Usually you’re in Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, or Macau, but now the spirit and fun of gaming comes to a computer near you – STUDIO 777 is on the Second Life grid. Featuring skill based games, luxury apartments, shopping and nightlife, STUDIO 777 is an entertainment destination dedicated to fun and great guest experiences.

Starring a one-of-a-kind, custom designed circular nightclub with multi levels for dancing and gaming, STUDIO 777 incorporates products and designs from some of Second Life’s most creative developers, including SHX Systems, PK Pounceworks, Synergy, DevShack, Klyks Klees and Seigmancer Nino. From the legendary Aargle Zymurgy’s Zyngo to Jaded Designz’ wildly popular Kicker games, STUDIO 777 features over 300 skill based games with high payout Jackpot boards and creative concepts from Second Life’s most talented designers.

Guests are invited to join costume and other contests for Lindens and prizes, dance to the music of live DJ’s from around the world, meet new friends and be treated as VIPs by a dedicated management and staff team with years of Second Life experience.

STUDIO 777 co-founder and CEO Luke Slingshot explained, “We have huge respect and admiration for the groundbreaking nightclubs and arcades in Second Life. Our vision is to bring these great concepts together and produce a fun party destination where guests have an immersive entertainment experience. We welcome partnerships and sponsorship opportunities, and it would be an honor to collaborate with the amazing gaming and entertainment communities in-world.”

JADED Doobie, Founder of JADED Designz, commented: “We are grateful for all of our customers and are always thrilled to see innovative venues that provide a great gaming experience in exciting and new ways.”

Mudur Spyker, CEO of 3K Games, said, “Venues like STUDIO 777 create and produce great showcases for 3K’s growing collection of popular games. We welcome STUDIO 777 and look forward to working together with the team and our other valued partners.”

LadyElena Machivelli, CEO of Da Monari Inc. (DMI) Agency, one of Second Life’s leading modeling and talent agencies, said, “STUDIO 777 is unique, and a resort with high quality, style and class. This could rebuild the Vegas experience on Second Life. We look forward to working together on the innovative and global projects residents worldwide have come to expect from Da Monari.”

STUDIO 777 is planning events like formal nights with glittering showgirls in a Paris type review featuring feathered elegant costumes, synchronized Rockette choreography and classic AOs; great live entertainers who invoke the spirit of Vegas showrooms, whether celebrity tributes or new original groups; and VIPs will be offered apartments and special concierge services.

STUDIO 777’s tagline is “Get Lucky” and 777’s intention is for everyone to win: guests, partners, advertisers, sponsors and the staff team. As Second Life continues its revolutionary growth and development, STUDIO 777 is dedicated to amplifying the convergence of technology and entertainment.

Luke Slingshot, CEO
KariAnne Starsmith, Project Manager
Rainne Lionheart, Senior Manager
Chris24fm Thorkveld, Senior Manager
Cris Nightfire, Senior Manager, Gaming
Southern Carolina, Director of Security
Chance Claremont, Chief Financial Officer

STUDIO 777 ™ is Copyright © Studio 777 Partners. All rights reserved. All Trademarks, Product Data, Logos, etc, including those of Linden Lab and Second Life are the property of their respective Companies. Salary and tips subject to change. STUDIO 777 is proud to be equal opportunity and welcomes all applicants.


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