TGIF! “FREESTYLE” Party with DJ LOINZ 6-8 PM SLT Feb 13!

WIN L$750+ At Our “FREESTYLE” Party with DJ LOINZ AT STUDIO 777 6-8 PM SLT! Live at TREASURE, our EXCLUSIVE Dance Club! Friday the 13th End of week party! TP: Come as you are and do what you want – it’s FRIDAY! DJ Loinz spins! Win L$250 Cash, L$500 Replay Credit Plus Money Giver L$100 Cash every 15 minutes, and EVERYONE on the board gets L$100 Replay Credit! That’s right – just enter the contest, and you’ll receive L$100 in Replay Credit! No better way to start your weekend!

Make this your “Lucky” Friday 13! Looking for more FUN and L$$$$? We’ve got NO DEVIL, 4PLAY, MYSTIC KEYS, BONUS, ACE, ZAP & More Games with Pay For Play, Re-Play, New Contests! Come Party, Play and Be our next WINNER!


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