“BARELY THERE” Party with DJ NIKKI Live 6-8 PM SLT Feb 4! Sponsored by ACW Wrestling!

WIN L$750+ At “BARELY THERE” with DJ NIKKI AT STUDIO 777 6-8 PM SLT! Live at TREASURE, our EXCLUSIVE Dance Club! Dance Party Music! TP: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sol%20Hermosa/127/236/50 Sponsored By ACW Wrestling! Wear as little as possible (Cover the naughty bits) and Party with Nikki! Win L$250 Cash, L$500 Replay Credit Plus Money Giver L$100 Cash every 15 minutes, and EVERYONE on the board gets L$100 Replay Credit Plus a SPECIAL Prize from ACW!


At STUDIO 777, Play NO DEVIL, 4PLAY, MYSTIC KEYS, BONUS, ZAP, HANDZ, ACE and MORE! All of these Game sets have 30 Minute High Score Contests, with L$250 Prizes! Be our next Champion!


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