“PIMPS AND HOES” with DJ RAINNE 6-8 PM SLT August 11!

WIN L$750 AT Our “PIMPS AND HOES” Party with DJ RAINNE 6-8 @ STUDIO 777! Live at TREASURE, our EXCLUSIVE Dance Club! PARTY MIX! L$250 PLUS L$500 Replay Credit on the Contest Board! TP: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sol%20Hermosa/112/80/35 Dress as a PLAYA and come to PLAY AND WIN with DJ RAINNE!!!

At STUDIO 777, PLAYERS Win Free L$ Cash & PLAY over 1000 GAMES including Reel Wild, Devil Hunt, Fire & Ice & Solitaire with Pay For Play, 5% Free Re-Play & FREE PLAY No Devil, Zyngo & More! Now Over 1,000,000 Guests & L$250 Million Won at STUDIO 777!


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