Ring The IPO Bell! STUDIO 777 Is Public on CapEx!

Now 85% Sold Out! STUDIO 777’s IPO on SLNewser: http://slnewser.blogspot.com/2014/06/studio-777.html On CNN: http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1138960 3 Steps to buy: 1) TP to 777’s CapEx ATM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sol%20Hermosa/128/187/22 Click on the ATM for your Account Password. 2) TP to CapEx: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Crystal%20Springs/192/182/27 Deposit L$ in the ATM & 3) Trade at http://www.SLCapex.com/ipo In-world, Contact: Skip Oceanlane or Luke Slingshot

STUDIO 777’S Stock Market IPO has started and at L$6 Million will be Capital Exchange’s biggest ever. Details: http://www.slcapex.com/home/story/system/8182

Our Press Release at CNN: http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1138960

With a share price of L$1.50, anyone will be able buy shares in 777. In-world, please contact Luke Slingshot, STUDIO 777’s CEO, for more information. More news coming soon!


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