PRISON BREAK! Party With Us 6-8 PM SLT May 17!

WIN L$750+++ at “PRISON BREAK” 6-8 PM SLT @ STUDIO 777! PARTY MUSIC! SKY VISTA Skybox PLUS 250L$ CASH PLUS 500L$ REPLAY CREDIT on the board – Sexy criminals – time to bust out PARTYING with US!!!! Take your LiMo to TREASURE at STUDIO 777:

Tonight, You Can Win Cash and Replay Credits PLUS 2 FREE WEEKS of Luxury Living in a SKY VISTA SKYBOX, SL’s Best, Longest Running & Most Popular Skyboxes, L$2,000 Prize! – The only place you can win one in SL is at STUDIO 777!

And Later: Our NO DEVIL Contest Board Explodes TONIGHT! We’ve Got Free Cash, Free Play No Devil & Zyngo, Free Re-Play & More! Over L$200 Million Won at STUDIO 777!


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