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Fabric Laminates


Laminated cotton fabric grades cover the full range of cotton fabric reinforced materials with fine to coarse weave cloth suitable for many types of mechanical components.
TUFNOL phenolic cotton laminated plastics are the workhorse grades for general mechanical applications. They are strong and tough materials with very good wear resistance, easy to machine into finished components.


Different grades have cotton fabric reinforcements ranging from fine weave to coarse, with varying resin contents. In general, the medium and coarse weave grades are used for larger and more rugged components requiring good all round strength and toughness. The finer weave grades are chosen for their superior finish, higher dimensional stability and improved strength in thin sections.

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Electrical insulation properties also tend to be superior in the finer weave grades, but the TUFNOL range includes a medium fabric weave with enhanced electrical properties, suitable for electro-mechanical applications.
The two most versatile and widely used TUFNOL cotton fabric grades are Carp Brand and Whale Brand. A full machining service is available from Tufnol for these and many other engineering plastics and composites.